Kalòs, is a consortium of food companies from Calabria, sponsored by
unindustria Calabria, today aggregates 16 manufacturers representative
in the region, with a basket of products extremely articulate, pasta,
oil, wine, sausages, dairy products, coffee, tomato sauce, canned and
citrus extracts as well as the confectionery tradition of liquorice and
dried figs and chocolate covered.

Calabria is a region of Italy is located at the center of the Mediterranean, has always been a crossroads of culinary cultures often far apart,
has developed an authentic taste and detail that makes its products unique and unmistakable.

The companies participating in the consortium have between their sizes. All that can guarantee production numbers
important and fast delivery times have preserved, craftsmanship and tradition.

All companies are certified iso9001, there are productions DOP and IGP, BIOLOGICAL and GLUTEN FREE. Some companies possess more advanced certifications such as BRC and IFS certifications and ethnic as KOSHER and HALAL.

The goal of the Consortium and to raise awareness of these magnificent traditional products, essential elements of the Mediterranean diet,
famous worldwide for its health properties and the UNESCO.

For this purpose, the consortium Kalos participates in events in Italy and abroad by strengthening the brand "Made in Calabria" explaining the production processes and educating the consumption of these products. It promotes activity of incoming and training for its members.


via Tocci, 2 - 87100 Cosenza (CS) - Italy
ph. (+39) 0984 76203
fax (+39) 0984 28017