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Aiello work in coffee roasting and marketing of coffee for almost fifty years, during which he made every effort in being ambassador of the philosophy of the true Italian espresso. In the time he reached high quality standards, both for about a proven method of roasting that a rigorous research and selection of highest quality coffee, imported from the best manufacturers in countries around the world: Brazil, Central America, Central Africa and India. Numerous investments in technological innovation in the production chain witness the painstaking care aimed at the product, which is fundamental to show gratitude and attention to each customer, consumer or business customer who is.

For years he attends, in collaboration with the Istituto Luce Cinecitta', the most important international event of Cinema, as the Festival of Cannes, Berlin and Venice; this is recognized by all as the "Coffee of Italian Cinema".

Caffè Aiello s.r.l.
Via S. Botticelli
87036 Rende (CS)
ph. +39 984 34121 - fax: +39 984 481677



via Tocci, 2 - 87100 Cosenza (CS) - Italy
ph. (+39) 0984 76203
fax (+39) 0984 28017