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A long history of passion, culture, business and tradition that has its roots in Rossano, in the land of Calabria. Ancient records show that already in 1500 the family Amarelli marketed the underground branches of a tree that still grows in abundance in his estates: licorice, dall'allettante scientific name of Glycyrrhiza glabra, that sweet root. In 1731, to maximize the use of this product typical of the Ionian coast, the Amarelli founded a proto-industrial facility, said "dressed" for the extraction of juice from the roots of this beneficial plant. Born so the liquorice, black, brilliant, seductive, delight children, but also, above all, of adults enjoy the pleasures of a healthy and natural. To tell this story unique, the family opened, in the former palace headquarters, the Museum of - Liquorice "Giorgio Amarelli" who got in November 2001, the "Premio Guggenheim Enterprise & Culture".

In April 2004, the "Italian Post Office" wanted to recognize the uniqueness of this museum, dedicating a stamp in the series "The Italian artistic and cultural heritage", issued 3,500,000 units. We invite you to visit it. You will discover so, between objects of the past and vintage labels, experience of living and working that is prolonged in time
knowing how to adapt to its becoming.

Amarelli, fabbrica di liquirizia
S.S. 106, Contrada Amarelli
87067 Rossano (Cs)
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