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It is in 1910 that Colavolpe presented for the first time on the market the "Crosses of figs." Starting from a wise and ancient craftsmanship of dried fruits selected and arranged in the shape of a cross, hence the name "The Crosses", he studied a recipe that would make the product even more greedy getting a delicacy since ancient scent and flavor noble and refined . Since then, successive generations have kept unchanged the traditional recipes made with figs and sought new recipes that exalt the flavors and aromas typical of the Mediterranean, so today, alongside the classics can be found figs covered in chocolate, candied fruit covered chocolate, nougat, pralines, the chocolate, chocolate eggs, panettone. A careful quality control oversees every stage of the manufacturing process, from raw material procurement to the various stages of the production process, from care in the realization of the packaging to the shipment of goods, so tradition and technology combine perfectly to create products reaching high quality standards and that since 2001 are guaranteed by the certification of quality system according to UNI EN ISO. Browse the showroom Colavolpe of Belmonte Calabro immerses the visitor in a world rich and pleasantly contrasting between dream and reality, between tradition and modernity. An extraordinary exhibition that suddenly changes depending on time of year certainly do not miss the countless impressive Christmas trees, the cheerful and whimsical Easter eggs and cozy dinner tables. A small paradise that is able to coexist tradition and modernity in a show that joins the wide range of products made from Colavolpe careful selection of local products, spirits and wines careful choice of objects, furniture, clothing and accessories with a unique flavor and unmistakable. Thanks to the capillary organization Colavolpe provides the best shops and gourmet outlets in Italy and in the world with its delicacies, but also delivered care packages at home and since 2003 has also active e-commerce service that lets you buy directly on the web every delicacy.

Colavolpe Nicola & C. s.n.c.
Via Stazione 142
87033 - Belmonte Calabro (CS)
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via Tocci, 2 - 87100 Cosenza (CS) - Italy
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