Company profile

Our Company was born in Calabria, in the province of Crotone, and has been operating for many years in the food industry is producing under its own brand that with private label customers. We cater to a clientele qualified absolute thickness of national and international, and we export to most of the world. Over the years we have invested a lot of resources, both human and economic, technological innovation, in order to optimize the cost of production by adapting to the ever increasing needs of customers while ensuring competitiveness; all according to ancient recipes, with full respect for traditional methods. Our factory of 4000 square meters is located in an area of 15000 square meters in the industrial area of Crotone, in front of the shopping center The Ears (Auchan). The bottling lines are electronic and computer control while the tanks and equipment are all made from stainless steel. We have also, of different blow molding machines that enable us to produce plastic bottles in continuous cycle working 24 hours a day starting from the polyethylene granules. While remaining the LEMON JUICE the core business of our Company, over the years the diversification we have been involved with several other references that can be viewed in the appropriate section Products.

Liotti s.p.a.
Z.I. Passovecchio
88900 Crotone (KR)
ph. + 39 0962 938311 - fax: +39 0962 938770


via Tocci, 2 - 87100 Cosenza (CS) - Italy
ph. (+39) 0984 76203
fax (+39) 0984 28017