Company profile

Riseria Magisa, born in 2004 in Villapiana, is the only company in central and southern with 300 hectares of rice fields, a factory used for processing and production of 10,000 year. The company works exclusively rice from the Plain of Sibari, where the types of rice grown are characterized by quality and organoleptic properties, from all those produced in other parts of Italy because they enjoy the advantages of natural and climate of Calabria: the sun, the proximity of the sea, the purity of water that floods the land very fertile and the wind that dominates the growing areas. The environment in synergy with the experience gained in the Plains in the cultivation of rice with beans collected guarantee healthy, whole and high nutritional value and contribute to obtain an excellent quality of rice without fungicide treatments and with minimal use of herbicides. The modernity of the plant with the latest technology combined with the classic artisan workmanship suitable for the typical Italian rice quality, allow the rice mill Magisa achieve a particular accuracy in the final selection of rice, mainly packaged vacuum and a high quality result.

Riseria Magisa s.r.l.
Zona Industriale
87076 Villapiana (CS)
ph. +39 0981 56220 - fax: +39 0981 56220


via Tocci, 2 - 87100 Cosenza (CS) - Italy
ph. (+39) 0984 76203
fax (+39) 0984 28017