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The Azienda Parisi was born in the twenties as an Olive-oil farm and develops with this characteristics. Today its a modern firm that orings on the market only high quality products whose best is the Extra-virgin Olive Oil from biological agricolture. The Extra-virgin Olive Oil is one of the prince nourishment of the Mediterraneaum diet. For its organoleptic qualities and for its nourishing values, the high digestibility and for its biological characteristics, good for cholesterol, compared to other condiments. The holders know this, and take care of all the production from the land to the bottling. The olives groves, in which they control personally the quality of their Olives, are in the best climatic conditions for this kind of cultivation. They are on a plain at few metres above the sea-level, in continuity on the sweet slopes, in a climate of perpetual spring, agreeable and inviting like the varied hospitality and the greek memory of the inhabitants. The harvest is made only by hand stalk-separation and mechanically with a vibrator. The extraction in the Oil-mill, of the precious drupes, is done with cold procedure and a temperature controlled by a centrifugal machine.

Olio Parisi Donato
Contrada Scinetto SNC
87067 Rossano (CS)
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